We specialize in advanced manufacture of mechanical components, whether its a single piece or a full system, we’ve got the engineering expertise to tackle the most demanding of projects. 

We utilise multi-axis CNC machinery to produce quality components for our diverse & growing customer base.

We are fast, reliable & deliver on time, every time.

Precision manufacturing business with a holistic approach

We’re familiar with supplying to fast-paced and dynamic sectors, whether or not it necessitates hours outside the norm, we’re here to ensure our suppliers are offered the service and quality that is expected on time. This flexible approach enables us to quickly attend to design changes during the manufacturing process. 

We take pride in our ability to achieve tight tolerances with excellent surface finishes. We strive to continually build our stock of common materials to minimise delivery times.


5-axis manufacturing

Our largest investment to date is a multi axis DMG-Mori milling machine, thereby enabling manufacture of components with great positional accuracy while ensuring a cost-effective processing by reducing the fixturing requirements.

welding and fabrication

We’re proficient in TIG welding and general fabrication methods. Applications such as space frame chassis, engine exhaust primaries and radiator core end tanks to name a few applications. We also have the capacity to produce smaller sheet metal pressings.



Aximech has a wide knowledge-base comprising of hydraulic/pneumatic systems, fabrication, mechanical mechanisms and tooling solutions. Hand calculations and simulation are regularly used to verify the design decisions. We’ve got a large network of specialists in different fields of design, validation and manufacture to assist as required.


We have an extensive knowledge of pattern and mould design, whether it’s a simple single purpose bracket or a structural component requiring close mould, solvable tooling or rohacell/nomex core, we’ve got experience of a wide range of manufacturing techniques.

To compliment this we’ll offer ply tables, ply books with easy to understand graphical layup representation.